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Tech::Windows on a Mac

The hot news for the past couple of days was the announcement from Apple on their new product, called "Boot Camp" which enables Microsoft Windows XP to run natively on Intel-based Macs. AAPL got a boost from the news, gaining...

Tech::PC Forum 2006 - Day III

I've attended a session called, "Security and Citizens: Peer-to-peer Security", this morning. It was quite interesting, but it was a very high level discussion. I am now sitting at the "New Business Models: Power to the Edges" session. Leonard Liu...

Tech::PC Forum 2006 - Day II

My session started early this morning (8:15am, that is) - maybe too early. It was good in general, but I think I could have done better. Regardless of my performance, I think it was a great discussion with lots of...

Tech::PC Forum 2006 -Day I

I am attending the PC Forum 2006 in Carlsbad, California. This year's theme is "Erosion of Power: Users in Charge" and I was lucky to be invited for tomorrow morning's panel, "Where's the Upright Virtual Wheelchair?". We are going to...

Tech::Origami Finally Revealed

The much hyped Microsoft's Origami Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) has been formally announced yesterday. Everyone knows how Microsoft has been building hype around this new device, but they couldn't really keep the secret and by the time the announcement was made,...

Tech::Wireless USB - Finally! reports that the first devices using a wireless version of the Universal Serial Bus (WUSB)connection technology will begin arriving in the third quarter. This might not be news to people in the industry, but for me, this is really...

Tech::Microsoft's Origami runs XP

Microsoft is building up hype before its launch of the much-speculated new product, 'Origami'. There has been quite a lot of speculation as to what exactly this is (engadget, windowsfordevices, gizmodo, origamiportal), and Microsoft is taking an unusual marketing route...

Tech::Apple's Fun New Products?

It's finally tomorrow (Feb. 28th). As any other gadget-junkies like me would know by now, Apple is having another product announcements. Last time I paid attention to one of these announcements, Jobs announced the iPod Nano. (I immediately bought some...


I've been looking for a smartphone for a while. My main use of it will be schedule management and email, maybe a little bit of web browsing. So, about a year ago, I looked around and tried Treo 650 and...

Tech::Apple new iPod with Video

I don't watch live TV anymore. It's mainly because I don't know when I'll be in front of my TV and so I became a big fan of TIVO. Programming TIVO sucks, but the season pass is what I loved....

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