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Web::iTunes sells 1M videos!

As I've blogged here, I thought Apple's new Video iPod was cool. At the time, not many people seemed to agree. "Who wants to watch video on such a small screen!", was the overwhelming response. However, it turns out that...

Web::Google base?

For the past couple of days, everybody has been talking about the upcoming service from google called 'google base'. It seems like this is a new way for people to push the content to google's search engine, but I guess...

Web::Podcasting, I get it now

When I first heard about podcasting about a year ago, my reaction was - what's the big deal about it? 12 months later, I bought an iPod nano and downloaded some podcasting contents for the first time. Now I get...

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Tech::Apple new iPod with Video

I don't watch live TV anymore. It's mainly because I don't know when I'll be in front of my TV and so I became a big fan of TIVO. Programming TIVO sucks, but the season pass is what I loved....


I didn't think I would ever subscibe to a satellite radio, neither XM or SIRIUS. But when I bought my new car, it came with a receiver installed and surprisingly with a 14 month free subscription! So it has been...

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